UK Personal Trainer of the Year Jon Le Tocq
Takes His Business Global

Jon Le Tocq has the distinction of being named the UK Personal Trainer of the Year in 2011 and is setting himself apart as one of the outstanding leaders in his industry because of the success his clients are experiencing through his fitness business, Storm Force Fitness.  Based in Guernsey, his fitness center is currently located in a twenty-five hundred square foot facility which allows him to offer personal training, semi-private training, boot camps, as well as training fighters, and cricket, squash and rugby teams.  Le Tocq’s intensity and passion continues to attract those who want the very best in mindset development, exercise coaching and nutrition programming.  He also licenses his fitness camps across the UK and the world under the banner of the Storm Force Fitness Academy.

Le Tocq has a reputation for not only helping accomplished athletes achieve more, but he also helps the average person achieve phenomenal fat loss results and return to health and vitality.  He has studied with some of the top trainers, nutritionists and coaches around the world to build an extensive knowledge base which goes well beyond what one expects from a personal trainer.  He is an accomplished competitor himself.  He believes in inspiring his clients through action and regularly takes part in events such as the Tough Guy endurance challenge and has also cycled across the United States traveling from Washington, DC to San Diego, California in 2010.

Le Tocq also has a desire to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of the fitness industry with others.  Over the past year he has been focusing on systematizing his local business so he can do more speaking and develop the online presence of his company.  He also enjoys working with corporations to speak to their employees in the workplace about nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.  Currently, most of his business is offline, but the online business is building steadily as he focuses on taking his message to the masses.  His online presence began through Facebook where he developed a unique Turbo Transformation program which is a twenty-one day fat loss course which is similar to what his local clients experience in his facility.  On a daily basis he posts the exercises for that day as well as the food the participant should eat that day.  He also launched the Turbo Muscle program on Facebook which is a twenty-eight day course focused on muscle building.  Individuals can sign up for these programs through  Participants in the online program have come from various places in the world including England, Scotland, Mexico, India, Australia, and North America.

Le Tocq says, “We sell what we believe in and believe in what we sell.  A lot of people tend to sell whatever is ‘hot’ in the industry.  Whereas, I sell only what I believe in and what has worked for me.  I think that’s why we retain people and why people are attracted to us, because they know we actually believe in this stuff.  It’s not a case of we’re just doing it to make money or it’s just a business and we go home and forget about it.  I have turned my lifestyle into a business and I attract a lot of people who want to do the same.”  Le Tocq actually holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Studies from the University of Nottingham and originally intended to become a financial manger.  However, upon completion of his studies and working in a bank for one year, he was not able to imagine himself in an office all day long for the remainder of his working years.  That’s when he determined to obtain certifications to become a personal trainer.  Since he has been a lifetime athlete, fitness training was not new to him, it was simply an extension of his personal lifestyle.

Le Tocq attributes his success to the fact that he has embraced a lifestyle of fitness and helps his clients do the same.  He says, “When I work with clients it’s more than just ‘do this exercise and do this amount of repetitions.’ It’s actually getting into their life and understanding there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface and understanding exactly what they want to get out of life.  To me that’s exciting, to be able to help change someone else’s life rather than just lead them through a work out and saying, ‘We’ll see you again next week.’  It’s the whole lifestyle aspect of things that is motivational.”

According to Le Tocq, “Storm Force Fitness is constantly driven to seek out and implement the very best coaching methods on the planet.  Through cutting-edge training and nutrition programming, we aim to create optimal health and physical performance for everyone we work with.  The ultimate goal is to deliver mind-blowing physical and mental transformation within a community that thrives on excitement and the thrill of the challenge.”

Le Tocq said of a recent client in her fifties, “One incredible transformation I’ve seen recently is a client who never did any real exercise other than walking.  She also tried all the different diets but was still about six stone over weight.  When we did the consultation with her she was in tears and didn’t believe she could do it.  She has now lost five and a half stone and her health is so much better.  She’s so much more energetic.  We received a picture of her and her husband on their wedding anniversary when they climbed a large mountain.  She has gone from an overweight couch potato to literally climbing a mountain.  That’s what we try to aim for.  It’s not just, ‘Yes, you need to lose five stone.’  But it’s also, ‘Why are you going to lose the five stone?  What are you actually going to do as a result?’  I also had a lady who went from twenty stone to ten stone.  She went from being extremely overweight to cycling from London to Paris.  That’s quite a distance.”  Success stories like this have helped create the strong reputation Le Tocq has experienced in the UK because his clients tell everyone they know how they lost weight.  When these types of scenarios are repeated hundreds of times over, the word begins to spread virally.

Le Tocq now focuses much of his time and energy on being what he terms, “The Innovation Pilot.”  He drives new ideas and then coordinates building the systems to make sure the ideas are implemented.  While he continues to do some personal training and works with some of the sports teams, his main role has evolved into being the idea generator and business builder.  His staff of trainers now does the bulk of the training under his supervision.  Le Tocq is in the process of licensing out his fitness camps to spread the geographic reach of his program to different islands as well as various other places in the world.

There are a number of boot camps and personal trainers in Guernsey, but Le Tocq contends Storm Force Fitness has differentiated themselves by offering a higher quality program and better service.  As a result of their outstanding programs, they have recently been nominated for a prestigious customer service award.  Le Tocq says, “We spend a lot of time looking at how we can build the community or the tribe, whatever you want to call it. We actually build it so people make friends and they don’t want to leave.  They are getting good results, but they are actually building a lot of friendships at the same time.  We also make our fitness camps an educational experience.  We want to teach people how to change their lifestyle, not just teach them different exercises.”  He continues, “We treat each person as an individual.  We realize most people want to make a change, but they don’t know where to start.  We’ve seen enough transformations from people you would never expect it from to know that everybody can do it.  Our main focus is to get you in the right mindset first, and then the rest is a matter of applying science and the experiences we’ve proven through others.  The results will then follow.”

Le Tocq has developed a Fitness Entrepreneur Boot Camp where he teaches others how they can also become an owner of their own fitness business.  He also has spoken at other industry events including EXF events and numerous sessions he has developed to educate trainers.  He has often been featured on local radio, BBC radio, and television.  He is a bestselling author, having co-authored the bestselling books, Total Body Breakthrough and Fit Formula.

He will also be featured as one of the co-authors of the upcoming book, Fat Free Fitness.  Additionally, he has authored two e-books, The Fat Loss Action Blueprint and Intense Conditioning.  He has been featured in GBG Magazine as well as various other news print media.  In an effort to give back to his community, he has sponsored a charitable event as a fundraiser for Hope for Guernsey where funds will be used for the ongoing efforts of the non-profit organization.  Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, he is being featured as one of the World Fitness Elite in The Independent in the UK and in USA Today in America.  Additional information about Le Tocq and his business can be found at and